How do I create a team?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow do I create a team?
Avataradmin Staff asked 5 years ago

Get a group together and designate one person to manage the Scavify app on their phone.

Only the person with the App will get the points for the missions and only one account per team can be used.

You can share your Scavify log in with a team member if you need to split up or want someone else to manage the game play and points. The missions will appear each morning at 7 a.m.

Team members can go out to get photo missions complete and send the photos to the person managing the app.

Teams can consist of friends family or coworkers… or you can do the hunt solo. One person creates the account in Scavify for their team, then you can go on missions together or split up to accomplish more.

The hunt is designed to engage you and your team with new experiences in the community so we think it’s most fun if you go with your crew but all of that is up to you.

You can receive photos from team members and the person with the app can use those photos for points. For example, if one mission is to take a selfie with a cop and someone on your team finds a cop, they can send you that photo for points. There are a lot of Hollywood trivia questions you can ask your team to help with.

There are also missions where you will need to check-in (at a physical location) or scan a hidden code with your phone, those will need to be completed by the person with the app to get the points.