Q: What kind of challenges should I expect?
A:  If we told you, we’d spoil the fun! Suffice it to say that you will meet new people, learn about Hollywood and be challenged to solve puzzles.

Q: When is the next hunt?
A:  The next hunt is from Dec. 7-9, 2018 throughout Hollywood, Florida.  Attend the Dec. 6 kick-off party for fun and extra points!

Q:  How does a participant play?
A:   Anyone with a phone can play by downloading a free app called Scavify and searching for the name of the hunt once it is active.  At the core of every hunt is a list of tasks to complete. Players can scroll through the task list, pick a task to view the details, and complete the task to earn points. Upon correctly completing the task, players will be automatically awarded points and can share the completed task via e-mail and social media.

Q: Do I need to play with a team?
A: Whether you choose to go it alone or form a team is entirely up to you. The team will have to decide what to do with the prize if they win.

Q: How does the app work with a team?
A: Only one person can use the app for their team.

Q. What kinds of missions or tasks will there be?
A:  There are specifically 5 types of tasks a participant will be required to complete to complete a mission.

Missions will include Photo and Video Challenges, GPS Check-ins, Question & Answer and hidden QR Codes for your hunt.

Photo Challenge Tasks

Photo Challenge tasks are open-ended and require a participant to upload a photo from their photo library or by taking a new photo. Points are automatically awarded after a successful upload.

GPS Check-in Tasks

To successfully complete a GPS Check-in task participants must be within a specified radius of a GPS coordinate. We set the longitude and latitude as well as a minimum radius for a GPS task.

Question & Answer Tasks

Question & Answer are text based tasks that prompt participants with a question, clue or riddle that they must answer correctly to complete the task. The participants’ answers must match the answer provided by the hunt creator.

QR Code Tasks

QR codes are scan-able codes that participants must scan to earn the points for the task. QR codes will be printed out and hidden using the task description as a clue for where to look. You may also be digitally hidden on a website or social media.

Q:  What happens to all the photos submitted?
A: Each participant will submit photos that will be used for to share in the paper and through social media outlets.

The Photostream feature encourages player interaction by providing a constant stream of player photos which each player can view, comment on and like.  As players scroll through the photostream, they can simply click “Like” or post a comment to let other players know how much they enjoy their photos.

Q: Who keeps score?
A: The automatic scoring features of the Scavify App allow users to easily track their progress and ranking in their hunt, all while keeping a close eye on the competition.  Players can track their progress by viewing their current point total and all of their completed hunt photo tasks.  In competitive hunts, players can see where they rank in the hunt by viewing a real-time leaderboard that is prominently featured within the hunt screen.

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