Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, The Loco-motion, Don’t Bring Me Down, Take Good Care of my Baby, Some Kind of Wonderful…and on and on. The duo responsible for these hits, Carole King and Gerry Goffin were a pair in every sense of the word. Their partnership produced a generation’s worth of Pop, Motown, and Rock hits. The norm of the day for a songwriting duo wa

Jeff Jacob is the Founder and Lead Facilitator of THE Song Team www.thesongteam.com He is also a Non-profit Director, Songwriter, TEDx Speaker, and Animal Rescuer.

s for one person to provide the words and one the music. That’s how the complimentary skill-sets were assembled by the music publishers of the day. This was the formula.


Today that same hit song often comes to life differently.

Sometimes a writer contributing to a hit doesn’t even get credit. In the pop world, often unknown writers land in a situation through a relationship they have, to walk into a writing session, and contribute to a monster hit. That writer will often be paid a flat fee for their part, without being named as a writer on the “record.”

In 2010, a young girl named Alex was sitting in a studio with Adele and her primary co-writer Dan Wilson, from the band Semi-sonic. Alex was a genius with words and a prodigy on Fiddle. She had been close to the late Amy Winehouse but didn’t have much a resume as a songwriter, at least not yet.

That day in the studio she contributed two lines to a little song called “Someone Like You.” You may have heard this song a couple of hundred times. That song won LOTS of gold at the Grammys in 2011. Alexis wasn’t called up on stage.

As leaders at work or in the community, we never know where collaboration is going to come from. But, the end result is nearly always an enhanced, optimized version of it’s prior…earlier self.
Finding fun ways to network and collaborate while “doing good” is definitely trending these days. In the workplace, and in the community. Ample opportunities exist in our communities to have fun, while actually doing “good work.”

And, there are many companies out there, who have corporate social responsibility programs that make real impacts on those who reside in their communities. The very paper you read right now is filled with them, as well as opportunities on every page for every reader to get out there and make a difference.

Putting all of this in a pot, stirring and cooking it into a hearty stew, is the concept behind this year’s Hollywood Scavenger Hunt, which we’re calling “The Hunt for Good.”

The Hollywood Scavenger Hunt weaves together participants looking to have a great time with local businesses and non-profits on a collaborative three-day adventure from December 7-9. In the end, everyone who participates will discover Hollywood’s hidden gems and make new some new friends to boot.

“We met lots of new people and got to experience many new things Hollywood has to offer” said past participant Dana Baker. “We were born and raised here and never realized some of the fun events and shows constantly going on.”

If you go it alone, you WILL make new friends! Rock it as a team, and the memories you will make together will last a lifetime.

Participants are tasked with fun and challenging missions that are still being planned and coordinated. And local non-profits will benefit! How? Because some of the missions are sponsored by local companies who in turn…adopt a local non-profit! And unlike Alexis, all will be acknowledged and appreciated for their contributions.

This year’s kick-off party will be held at the Hollywood Jaycee Hall on Thursday, Dec. 6. Mark your calendar, I can’t tell you why but I can tell you I’ll be there and you won’t want to miss it.
Have fun, do good! Sign up soon, as the clock is ticking. (Pssst…..check out the app Scavify, you’ll need it for the hunt.) All together now, get out there and do it.

Questions about the hunt? Call 954-962-8180.