The Hollywood Scavenger Hunt is designed to inspire participants to learn about Hollywood, Florida while having fun, meeting new people and making lifelong memories.

How to Participate

Download scavify

Download the Scavify App on your smartphone create and account and search for “Hollywood Scavenger Hunt.” Choose a name for yourself or your team. 

Solo or team play?

People who play on their own always make new friends during the hunt. And many people who participate do so as a family or team. Choose a tech-savvy person and have them manage the app. Only one person can be signed into an account to earn points.

Start Dec. 7 at 7 a.m.

Missions will appear Dec. 7 starting at 7 a.m. through Dec. 9. 

KICK-OFF PARTY set for Dec. 6 at Hollywood Jaycee Hall from 6-8 p.m.

This year’s hunt begins in:








Thanks for hosting and starting the #hollywoodhunt!! It has been great fun for our family!!! #olemoule!!!
We met lots of new people and got to experience many new things Hollywood has to offer. We were born and raised here and never realized some of the fun events and shows constantly going on. Things like the trolley and glassblowing are all fun things we have never known about, but will definitely experience again!!! Thank you again Hollywood Gazette for a great time!!!

Team OleMoule

2015 Hollywood Scavenger Hunt

Thank you Hollywood Gazette for putting on the great #hollywoodhunt! Our #Partyof3 have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves these past 3 weeks – getting out in the community and checking out local businesses. We are excited for July when we get to do it again. This is so much fun for families and our almost 3 year old loved the adventure. Making new memories in the city we love so much! Thanks to you and the entire team! One of our favorite memories was watching our daughter devour almost an entire slice of Mauro’s pizza! Team Party of 3

2015 Hollywood Scavenger Hunt

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Mission Types


Many of your challenges will be to share a photo or video of something or someone specific.


You will be given clues to lead you new and familiar places throughout Hollywood. You will check in to complete to mission.

Answer questions

Think you know all about Hollywood?  Trivia questions will test you and and hopefully teach you new things.

SCAn QR Codes

We have strategically hidden codes with people or at specific places. When you find them, scan them for points.

Oh, the places they’ve gone!

Had a blast participating

“Had a blast participating and learned so much about Hollywood at the same time. Great way to meet new people and find new places to go and things to do in Hollywood!”

It was educational and fun...

“It was educational and fun. I also really liked the sense of community it brought out. The missions were just challenging enough with some easy ones in the mix.”

Photo & Video Missions

Photos or videos that do not capture what was specifically requested at the time it was requested, will be eliminated. 

A Note About Photo Missions

We understand that everyone may not be able to attend all of the events in the hunt required to complete the photo missions.

Please do not attempt to “re-create” a situation or event you were unable to attend in order to get the points.

Admins are paying close attention and review all photos and videos as they come in throughout the day.

Have fun!