Participation is free. Anyone with a smart phone can play.

The 2nd annual Hollywood Scavenger Hunt takes place for 10 days throughout the city of Hollywood, Florida from Sept. 16-25, 2016.

1. Download Scavify

Download the free app called "Scavify" in the app store. Create an account in the Scavify app.

2. Form a team

Only one account per team needs to register. A few weeks before the hunt, the "Hollywood Scavenger Hunt" will appear in the app.

3. Plan your participation

Whether you play alone of form a team, you should block off the dates of the hunt on the calendar. Tasks will be added every morning from Sept. 16-25.

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An old-fashioned scavenger hunt - using the technology of today.

Players complete tasks by uploading photos, answering questions, scanning QR codes and using GPS check-ins to earn points.

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What participants have shared

about the Hollywood Scavenger Hunt

Megan McKeon
My family and I have so enjoyed participating in the hunt; this is our first year participating and it's been a lot of fun! Thanks for providing such a great activity to our community! ~Megan McKeon
Paulina Nowakowska
I really want to thank you for organizing this, we had a great time. We tracked down the Hollywood Police officer on my daughter's birthday, my son had been nervous about asking him for a photo but the policeman said it made his day. That was the best part of the hunt, we got to explore Hollywood, do things that I've always meant to do (turns out I can get the Hollywood Trolley to the beach and not worry about parking!), but we also had fun and made it fun for others - after we asked strangers on the beach to start a conga line the kids ended up playing together for an hour. So thank you - I'm sure it was a huge amount of work for the gazette, but it was greatly appreciated and we're hoping for more in the future. - Anouska Greene
Debra Gronvold
I just want you to know how grateful we are to put us on the Scavenger Hunt for the car wash today is just phenomenal! I am already crying from all the random acts of kindness I am seeing today! Later we feed 100 around town...Mindy has made 100 of the most outrageous gifts to spread around town! Anyway...thanks again...overwhelmed at the kindness! Deb

Prizes for the top three teams

While most people say they are only playing for the fun of it, the top three teams will be awarded a prize package.

Second Place
First Place
Third Place

The top three teams will be announced at the at wrap-up party after the final mission Sept. 25, 2016.

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